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Black Bear Schwarzbier

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Black Bear Schwarzbier

Bears Cheers: New Beer Release Day!

The news you don’t want to miss!

Say goodbye to Tįndeè Imperial Saison and hello to our latest brew on tap! Introducing... Black Bear Schwarzbier // 5.4%.

Cheers to fresh new brews!

Embrace the awakening of the wild with our newest brew, Black Bear Schwarzbier. As winter fades into memory, the bears emerge from their slumber, ready to shake off the winter blues and grab a cold one. Dark in color and bursting with bold flavours of rich chocolate, stone fruit, and coffee, Black Bear is just what you need to celebrate the end of winter and transition into the renewed energy of spring.

Beer nerd fact: Schwarzbier directly translates to “black beer” in German. Although rich and dark like an ale, a Schwarzbier is a dark lager, originating from Germany. Lagers have a lighter and more refreshing body, which makes this dark beer easy to enjoy without feeling too heavy after a few!

So, grab your pint and raise a toast to the return of warmer days!

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