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Looking to order beer for a large group or event?

You will receive order confirmation within 48 hours of placing your order. If you require a keg in less than 48 hours, please email us directly with your details and we will do our best to accommodate.


  • A credit card is required for all keg orders.
  • Kegs come in either 20L, 30L and 50L sizes
  • We supply a selection of options to dispense your beer depending on your needs.
    • Party pack – includes a hand pump. Do no over pump the keg or excess foam will occur - the keg will stay fresh for 24 hours once tapped.
    • Brewmasters Pack – includes CO2 pump with 1 x CO2 cartridge. You will require an extra cartridge for 50L kegs. Kegs will stay fresher for longer once tapped.
    • Premium Pack – consists of a cooler with 2 flow-control taps and a stainless steel coil that cools the beer as it’s being served. This setup can accommodate 2 different beer styles at once. Delivery is recommended to assist with set up.
  • The number of beers per keg size is listed on the form – we recommend 1-1.5 beers/hour for each guest depending on whether there are other drink choices available at the event.
  • Cash deposit on equipment is required at the time of pick up. All deposits will be released upon the satisfactory return of the equipment. Please return all empty kegs and dispensing equipment within 3 business days of event.
  • The brewery does not supply ice. For best results, kegs need time to settle and should be kept on ice and cold for 4-6 hours prior to tapping for beer to pour properly.

GROWLERS: 2L FILL = ~ $17-22

  • Growlers Exchanges ONLY.  We will not be doing any direct filling into customer growlers to ensure each jug gets properly sanitized before touching our dispensing equipment.   
  • 2L growler exchanges are available daily during business hours up to 10PM. Just come on down and exchange your empty 2L growler for a pre-filled jug while quantities last.
  • Growlers must be rinsed out with warm water immediately after they are emptied. Any growlers that require extra cleaning will be charged an appropriate cleaning fee.

NWT Canned Beer

  • Check out our large selection of NWT Brewing canned beer at The Woodyard Bottle Shop and participating NWT Liquor stores.


For all commercial inquiries, please email