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– Woodyard Winter Cocktails –

Maple Cinnamon Sour
Canadian Club rye, lemon juice, maple syrup, egg whites, cinnamon, ice

Lindsay’s Cranberry Mule
Silent Sam vodka, lime juice, ginger syrup, cranberry juice, mint, cranberries, ice

Old Winter’s Fashioned
Jim Beam bourbon, bitters, housemade ginger syrup, cloves, 
orange peel, apple slices, ice

Vancouver Island Shaft
Silent Sam vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, coffee, ice

Ginger Hot Toddy
Canadian Club rye, honey, ginger, cloves, lemon, hot water

Hot Rum Apple Cider
Kraken rum, hot apple cider, hot water, cinnamon

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
Fireball cinnamon whisky, hot chocolate, cinnamon sugar rim, whipped cream, chocolate flakes

Rosemary Cosmopolitan
Absolut mandarin vodka, Grand Marnier liqueur, cranberry, bitters, rosemary

Bitter Bellini
Peach schnapps, Campari, Prosecco, cranberry juice, orange slice

Canadian Club rye, Campari, lemon juice, simple syrup, bitters, Turbid Wit, lime wheel, ice

– Classic Cocktails –

Bulleit Old fashioned  $12.25
Bulleit bourbon, bitters, sugar syrup, orange twist, ice
Rose Gin Negroni  $12.25
Dillon's rose gin, Campari, sweet red vermouth, orange slice
Gin Fizz  $11.50
Bombay gin, lemon juice, soda, simple syrup, egg white, cucumber, ice
Maker's Sour  $11.50
Maker's Mark bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, bitters, ice
Manhattan  $10.50
Canadian Club rye, sweet red vermouth, bitters, maraschino cherry

Dillon's Gin Martini  $19
Dillon's Unfiltered gin, dry vermouth, olives
Boulevardier  $12.25
Jim Beam bourbon, Campari, sweet red vermouth, orange twist
Woodyard Pickled Caesar  $11.50
Lucky Bastard Dill Pickle vodka, Clamato, housemade pickled vegetables and a splash of Bug Repellent IPA, spiced rim

– Beer Cocktails –

Brass Fox  $10.50
Amaretto, orange juice, Turbid Wit, orange slice

Arctic Stormy  $10.50
Captain Morgan's dark rum, Nitro Oatmeal Porter, lime juice, housemade ginger syrup, soda, lime wedge, ice

Hoppy Mule  $10.50
Silent Sam vodka, lime juice, housemade ginger syrup, mint, splash of Ragged Pine Pale Ale

Turbid 75  $10.50
Bombay gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, Turbid Wit, topped with Prosecco, lemon twist

IPA-Loma  $11.25
Jose Cuervo tequila, simple syrup, grapefruit juice, splash of Bug Repellent IPA, lime wheel.

Make it a Radler Beer-mosa!
Select any NWT Beer and create your own radler or beer-mosa with grapefruit juice or orange juice

– Canned Ciders & Gluten Free Beer –

Glutenberg Red  $9.50 (GF)
Montreal, QC - 473ml - 5.0 alc/vol
Glutenberg Pale Ale  $9.50 (GF)
Montreal, QC - 473ml - 5.5 alc/vol

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider  $8.75 (GF)
Walden, NY - 355ml - 5.0 alc/vol

Angry Orchard Rose Cider  $8.75 (GF)
Walden, NY - 355ml - 7.5 alc/vol

Left Field Cider  $14.95 (GF) 
(limited availability)
Logan Lake, BC - 500ml - 7.2 alc/vol

Lonetree Apple Cider  $14.95 (GF)
Vancouver, BC - 355ml - 5.5 alc/vol

– Non-Alcoholic Beers –

Partake Non-Alcoholic Beer ($6.95)
(limited availability)


Pale Ale 


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