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Keg Orders

Please fill out the form below or print the form here and email to


  • 72 Hours lead time is required on ALL keg orders.
  • A credit card is required for all keg orders.
  • Kegs come in either 20L, 30L and 50L sizes
  • We supply a selection of options to dispense your beer depending on your needs.
    • Party pack – includes a hand pump. Do no over pump the keg or excess foam will occur - the keg will stay fresh for 24 hours once tapped.
    • Brewmasters Pack – includes CO2 pump with 1 x CO2 cartridge. You will require an extra cartridge for 50L kegs. Kegs will stay fresher for longer once tapped.
    • Premium Pack – consists of a cooler with 2 flow-control taps and a stainless steel coil that cools the beer as it’s being served. This setup can accommodate 2 different beer styles at once. Delivery is recommended to assist with set up.
  • The number of beers per keg size is listed on the form – we recommend 1-1.5 beers/hour for each guest depending on whether there are other drink choices available at the event.
  • Cash deposit on equipment is required at the time of pick up. All deposits will be released upon the satisfactory return of the 9 equipment. Please return all empty kegs and dispensing equipment within 3 business days of event.
  • The brewery does not supply ice. For best results, kegs need time to settle and should be kept on ice and cold for 4-6 hours prior to tapping for beer to pour properly.