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Nestled between the wonder of the aurora borealis and the rugged nature of the northern frontier, our little brewing outpost is one of a kind.

Located in the spirited town of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories we are the northernmost brewpub in Canada.

Owned and operated by Fletcher & Miranda Stevens, The NWT Brewing Company opened its doors in November of 2015 along with their brewpub The Woodyard Brewhouse & Eatery located under the same roof in the historic Old Town.

Miranda and Fletcher, owners of the brewpub in Yellowknife, NT

Fletcher Stevens has lived in Yellowknife most of his entire adult life, building a career as a journeyman mechanic until he discovered his love for craft beer.

A homebrew kit purchased by his wife Miranda as a Christmas gift soon turned a hobby into an obsession. It wasn’t long before Fletcher’s beer was getting rave reviews from friends and family but he needed a little more confidence before diving head first into his next big venture (of course, pending Miranda’s approval). After medaling at several Canada-wide home-brew competitions in 2012, Fletcher was ready to take on a new career path confidently and with the reassurance he needed that his beer would sell.

In January 2014, Fletcher and Miranda quit their fulltime jobs to become business owners. With Fletcher as Brewmaster and Miranda as General Manager, the two make-up the heart of NWT Brewing Company and Woodyard Brewhouse and Eatery. The two paved their way through an untapped industry in the far North that posed many challenges but alas, local beer was eventually flowing in Yellowknife.

Within the first year of operation, their crowd-pleasing beer, Kicksled Cream Ale, won a bronze medal at the Canadian Brewing awards landing the NWT on the Canadian beer map. The Woodyard Brewhouse & Eatery has not only become a pillar in the Yellowknife community but was named one of the top 50 bars in Canada in 2018. 

In 2022 following a long pandemic, the team successfully expanded the brewery operations into a new larger brewing facility down the road from the Brewpub with the hopes of tapping into new markets.  Stay tuned!