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Ox Berry - blueberry wheat ale

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Ox Berry - blueberry wheat ale
Here is your new favourite summer beer coming up! 

>> With its purple hue, light pink foam, and bright blueberry characteristics, our Ox Berry Blueberry Wheat Ale will have you running through fields of flowers with every sip. This style of beer combines the light, crisp nature of a classic wheat ale with the sweet and tart flavours of fresh blueberries. Ox Berry Wheat Ale is smooth and slightly creamy, offering a delightful balance of fruity blueberry notes combined with bready undertones. It’s the perfect addition to your summer picnic!

Beer Nerd Fact: Mosaic Hops are known for their blueberry flavour which lent to the inspiration of this beer. 

**Available today #FreshOntap and in seasonal single cans!

We know this one is meant for you! Grab a pint and take a sip.

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