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Tee Time Lager is Back Tap!

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Tee Time Lager is Back Tap!

You liked it? We did too. Tee Time Lager is making its comeback for our great pleasure.

π“πžπž π“π’π¦πž π‹πšπ πžπ« >> 4.4% - salutes the courageous souls who conquer our northern greens. Whether you’re chasing the ball under the glow of the midnight sun or teeing off amidst the persistent hum of mosquitoes, it’s the perfect brew to
fortify your game. Tee time is refreshing and smooth with a crisp clean taste.

Prepare to grab your pint and take a sip because Tee Time is back on tap!Β 

**Still available in 4-pack at The Woodyard Bottle Shop!Β 

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