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Patio-Crawler : A refreshing twist

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Patio-Crawler : A refreshing twist

Patio-Crawler: Revel in the Grand Patio Opening with Our Newest Cocktail!

Join us in celebrating the grand opening of our patio with a refreshing twist! Introducing our latest creation, the Patio-Crawler, crafted with our very own Make Lemonade Summer Ale. This delightful concoction blends Bombay gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, a hint of simple syrup, all topped off with the sparkling effervescence of Make Lemonade Summer Ale, garnished with a zesty lemon wedge.

Just imagine - a chilled glass adorned with a sugar rim, filled with the vibrant harmony of Bombay gin, tangy lemon juice, and just the right touch of sweetness from the simple syrup. Then, experience the burst of citrusy delight as you savour the refreshing bubbles of Make Lemonade Summer Ale. This isn't just a cocktail; it's an invitation to embrace the sunny vibes and unwind in style on our patio oasis.

Make Lemonade Summer Ale isn't your average brew. It's a crisp and invigorating tribute to summer, carefully brewed to capture the essence of sun-kissed days and leisurely afternoons. And when paired with the Patio-Crawler, it creates a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate with every sip.

Why did we choose Make Lemonade Summer Ale for this cocktail, you ask? Well, Make Lemonade plays a crucial role in enhancing the refreshing lemon zest by keeping its vibrant flavours suspended in every sip. We ensure that each sip of the Patio-Crawler is a burst of summertime bliss.

So, here's to raising a glass to new beginnings, soaking up the sunshine, and relishing every sip of the Patio-Crawler. Join us in celebrating the joys of summer with this tantalizing libation - cheers to good times and unforgettable moments on our newly opened patio!

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